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1  $Id: HISTORY,v 1.1004 2005/10/27 14:01:10 debug Exp $  $Id: HISTORY,v 1.1055 2005/11/25 22:48:36 debug Exp $
3  Changelog for GXemul:  Changelog for GXemul:
4  ---------------------  ---------------------
# Line 2360  Changelog for GXemul: Line 2360  Changelog for GXemul:
2361  ==============  RELEASE  ==============  ==============  RELEASE  ==============
2363    20051031        Adding disassembly support for more ARM instructions (clz,
2364                    smul* etc), and adding a hack to support "new tiny" pages
2365                    for StrongARM.
2366    20051101        Minor documentation updates (NetBSD 2.0.2 -> 2.1, and OpenBSD
2367                    3.7 -> 3.8, and lots of testing).
2368                    Changing from 1-sector PIO mode 0 transfers to 128-sector PIO
2369                    mode 3 (in dev_wdc).
2370                    Various minor ARM dyntrans updates (pc-relative loads from
2371                    within the same page as the instruction are now treated as
2372                    constant "mov").
2373    20051102        Re-enabling instruction combinations (they were accidentally
2374                    disabled).
2375                    Dyntrans TLB entries are now overwritten using a round-robin
2376                    scheme instead of randomly. This increases performance.
2377                    Fixing a typo in file.c (thanks to Chuan-Hua Chang for
2378                    noticing it).
2379                    Experimenting with adding ATAPI support to dev_wdc (to make
2380                    emulated *BSD detect cdroms as cdroms, not harddisks).
2381    20051104        Various minor updates.
2382    20051105        Continuing on the ATAPI emulation. Seems to work well enough
2383                    for a NetBSD/cats installation, but not OpenBSD/cats.
2384                    Various other updates.
2385    20051106        Modifying the -Y command line option to allow scaleup with
2386                    certain graphic controllers (only dev_vga so far), not just
2387                    scaledown.
2388                    Some minor dyntrans cleanups.
2389    20051107        Beginning a cleanup up the PCI subsystem (removing the
2390                    read_register hack, etc).
2391    20051108        Continuing the cleanup; splitting up some pci devices into a
2392                    normal autodev device and some separate pci glue code.
2393    20051109        Continuing on the PCI bus stuff; all old pci_*.c have been
2394                    incorporated into normal devices and/or rewritten as glue code
2395                    only, adding a dummy Intel 82371AB PIIX4 for Malta (not really
2396                    tested yet).
2397                    Minor pckbc fix so that Linux doesn't complain.
2398                    Working on the DEC 21143 NIC (ethernet mac rom stuff mostly).
2399                    Various other minor fixes.
2400    20051110        Some more ARM dyntrans fine-tuning (e.g. some instruction
2401                    combinations (cmps followed by conditional branch within the
2402                    same page) and special cases for DPIs with regform when the
2403                    shifter isn't used).
2404    20051111        ARM dyntrans updates: O(n)->O(1) for just-mark-as-non-
2405                    writable in the generic pc_to_pointers function, and some other
2406                    minor hacks.
2407                    Merging Cobalt and evbmips (Malta) ISA interrupt handling,
2408                    and some minor fixes to allow Linux to accept harddisk irqs.
2409    20051112        Minor device updates (pckbc, dec21143, lpt, ...), most
2410                    importantly fixing the ALI M1543/M5229 so that harddisk irqs
2411                    work with Linux/CATS.
2412    20051113        Some more generalizations of the PCI subsystem.
2413                    Finally took the time to add a hack for SCSI CDROM TOCs; this
2414                    enables OpenBSD to use partition 'a' (as needed by the OpenBSD
2415                    installer), and Windows NT's installer to get a bit further.
2416                    Also fixing dev_wdc to allow Linux to detect ATAPI CDROMs.
2417                    Continuing on the DEC 21143.
2418    20051114        Minor ARM dyntrans tweaks; ARM cmps+branch optimization when
2419                    comparing with 0, and generalizing the xchg instr. comb.
2420                    Adding disassembly of ARM mrrc/mcrr and q{,d}{add,sub}.
2421    20051115        Continuing on various PPC things (BATs, other address trans-
2422                    lation things, various loads/stores, BeBox emulation, etc.).
2423                    Beginning to work on PPC interrupt/exception support.
2424    20051116        Factoring out some code which initializes legacy ISA devices
2425                    from those machines that use them (bus_isa).
2426                    Continuing on PPC interrupt/exception support.
2427    20051117        Minor Malta fixes: RTC year offset = 80, disabling a speed hack
2428                    which caused NetBSD to detect a too fast cpu, and adding a new
2429                    hack to make Linux detect a faster cpu.
2430                    Continuing on the Artesyn PM/PPC emulation mode.
2431                    Adding an Algor emulation skeleton (P4032 and P5064);
2432                    implementing some of the basics.
2433                    Continuing on PPC emulation in general; usage of unimplemented
2434                    SPRs is now easier to track, continuing on memory/exception
2435                    related issues, etc.
2436    20051118        More work on PPC emulation (tgpr0..3, exception handling,
2437                    memory stuff, syscalls, etc.).
2438    20051119        Changing the ARM dyntrans code to mostly use cpu->pc, and not
2439                    necessarily use arm reg 15. Seems to work.
2440                    Various PPC updates; continuing on the PReP emulation mode.
2441    20051120        Adding a workaround/hack to dev_mc146818 to allow NetBSD/prep
2442                    to detect the clock.
2443    20051121        More cleanup of the PCI bus (memory and I/O bases, etc).
2444                    Continuing on various PPC things (decrementer and timebase,
2445                    WDCs on obio (on PReP) use irq 13, not 14/15).
2446    20051122        Continuing on the CPC700 controller (interrupts etc) for PMPPC,
2447                    and on PPC stuff in general.
2448                    Finally! After some bug fixes to the virtual to physical addr
2449                    translation, NetBSD/{prep,pmppc} 2.1 reach userland and are
2450                    stable enough to be interacted with.
2451                    More PCI updates; reverse-endian device access for PowerPC etc.
2452    20051123        Generalizing the IEEE floating point subsystem (moving it out
2453                    from src/cpus/cpu_mips_coproc.c into a new src/float_emul.c).
2454                    Input via slave xterms was sometimes not really working; fixing
2455                    this for ns16550, and a warning message is now displayed if
2456                    multiple non-xterm consoles are active.
2457                    Adding some PPC floating point support, etc.
2458                    Various interrupt related updates (dev_wdc, _ns16550, _8259,
2459                    and the isa32 common code in machine.c).
2460                    NetBSD/prep can now be installed! :-) (Well, with some manual
2461                    commands necessary before running sysinst.) Updating the
2462                    documentation and various other things to reflect this.
2463    20051124        Various minor documentation updates.
2464                    Continuing the work on the DEC 21143 NIC.
2465    20051125        LOTS of work on the 21143. Both OpenBSD and NetBSD work fine
2466                    with it now, except that OpenBSD sometimes gives a time-out
2467                    warning.
2468                    Minor documentation updates.
2470    ==============  RELEASE 0.3.7  ==============

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