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revision 13 by dpavlin, Mon Oct 8 16:18:38 2007 UTC revision 14 by dpavlin, Mon Oct 8 16:18:51 2007 UTC
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1  $Id: HISTORY,v 1.905 2005/08/16 09:16:24 debug Exp $  $Id: HISTORY,v 1.982 2005/10/07 22:45:32 debug Exp $
3  Changelog for GXemul:  Changelog for GXemul:
4  ---------------------  ---------------------
# Line 2194  Changelog for GXemul: Line 2194  Changelog for GXemul:
2195  ==============  RELEASE 0.3.5  ==============  ==============  RELEASE 0.3.5  ==============
2197    20050816        Some success in decoding the way the SGI O2 PROM draws graphics
2198                    during bootup; lines/rectangles and bitmaps work, enough to
2199                    show the bootlogo etc. :-)
2200                    Adding more PPC instructions, and (dummy) BAT registers.
2201    20050817        Updating the pckbc to support scancode type 3 keyboards
2202                    (required in order to interact with the SGI O2 PROM).
2203                    Adding more PPC instructions.
2204    20050818        Adding more ARM instructions; general register forms.
2205                    Importing armreg.h from NetBSD (ARM cpu ids). Adding a (dummy)
2206                    CATS machine mode (using SA110 as the default CPU).
2207                    Continuing on general dyntrans related stuff.
2208    20050819        Register forms for ARM load/stores. Gaah! The Compaq C Compiler
2209                    bug is triggered for ARM loads as well, not just PPC :-(
2210                    Adding full support for ARM PC-relative load/stores, and load/
2211                    stores where the PC register is the destination register.
2212                    Adding support for ARM a.out binaries.
2213    20050820        Continuing to add more ARM instructions, and correcting some
2214                    bugs. Continuing on CATS emulation.
2215                    More work on the PPC stuff.
2216    20050821        Minor PPC and ARM updates. Adding more machine types.
2217    20050822        All ARM "data processing instructions" are now generated
2218                    automatically.
2219    20050824        Beginning the work on the ARM system control coprocessor.
2220                    Adding support for ARM halfword load/stores, and signed loads.
2221    20050825        Fixing an important bug related to the ARM condition codes.
2222                    OpenBSD/zaurus and NetBSD/netwinder now print some boot
2223                    messages. :)
2224                    Adding a dummy SH (Hitachi SuperH) cpu family.
2225                    Beginning to add some ARM virtual address translation.
2226                    MIPS bugfixes: unaligned PC now cause an ADEL exception (at
2227                    least for non-bintrans execution), and ADEL/ADES (not
2228                    TLBL/TLBS) are used if userland tries to access kernel space.
2229                    (Thanks to Joshua Wise for making me aware of these bugs.)
2230    20050827        More work on the ARM emulation, and various other updates.
2231    20050828        More ARM updates.
2232                    Finally taking the time to work on translation invalidation
2233                    (i.e. invalidating translated code mappings when memory is
2234                    written to). Hopefully this doesn't break anything.
2235    20050829        Moving CPU related files from src/ to a new subdir, src/cpus/.
2236                    Moving PROM emulation stuff from src/ to src/promemul/.
2237                    Better debug instruction trace for ARM loads and stores.
2238    20050830        Various ARM updates (correcting CMP flag calculation, etc).
2239    20050831        PPC instruction updates. (Flag fixes, etc.)
2240    20050901        Various minor PPC and ARM instruction emulation updates.
2241                    Minor OpenFirmware emulation updates.
2242    20050903        Adding support for adding arbitrary ARM coprocessors (with
2243                    the i80321 I/O coprocessor as a first test).
2244                    Various other ARM and PPC updates.
2245    20050904        Adding some SHcompact disassembly routines.
2246    20050907        (Re)adding a dummy HPPA CPU module, and a dummy i960 module.
2247    20050908        Began hacking on some Apple Partition Table support.
2248    20050909        Adding support for loading Mach-O (Darwin PPC) binaries.
2249    20050910        Fixing an ARM bug (Carry flag was incorrectly updated for some
2250                    data processing instructions); OpenBSD/cats and NetBSD/
2251                    netwinder get quite a bit further now.
2252                    Applying a patch to dev_wdc, and a one-liner to dev_pcic, to
2253                    make them work better when emulating new versions of OpenBSD.
2254                    (Thanks to Alexander Yurchenko for the patches.)
2255                    Also doing some other minor updates to dev_wdc. (Some cleanup,
2256                    and finally converting to devinit, etc.)
2257    20050912        IRIX doesn't have u_int64_t by default (noticed by Andreas
2258                    <avr@gnulinux.nl>); configure updated to reflect this.
2259                    Working on ARM register bank switching, CPSR vs SPSR issues,
2260                    and beginning the work on interrupt/exception support.
2261    20050913        Various minor ARM updates (speeding up load/store multiple,
2262                    and fixing a ROR bug in R(); NetBSD/cats now boots as far as
2263                    OpenBSD/cats).
2264    20050917        Adding a dummy Atmel AVR (8-bit) cpu family skeleton.
2265    20050918        Various minor updates.
2266    20050919        Symbols are now loaded from Mach-O executables.
2267                    Continuing the work on adding ARM exception support.
2268    20050920        More work on ARM stuff: OpenBSD/cats and NetBSD/cats reach
2269                    userland! :-)
2270    20050921        Some more progress on ARM interrupt specifics.
2271    20050923        Fixing linesize for VR4121 (patch by Yurchenko). Also fixing
2272                    linesizes/cachesizes for some other VR4xxx.
2273                    Adding a dummy Acer Labs M1543 PCI-ISA bridge (for CATS) and a
2274                    dummy Symphony Labs 83C553 bridge (for Netwinder), usable by
2275                    dev_footbridge.
2276    20050924        Some PPC progress.
2277    20050925        More PPC progress.
2278    20050926        PPC progress (fixing some bugs etc); Darwin's kernel gets
2279                    slightly further than before.
2280    20050928        Various updates: footbridge/ISA/pciide stuff, and finally
2281                    fixing the VGA text scroll-by-changing-the-base-offset bug.
2282    20050930        Adding a dummy S3 ViRGE pci card for CATS emulation, which
2283                    both NetBSD and OpenBSD detects as VGA.
2284                    Continuing on Footbridge (timers, ISA interrupt stuff).
2285    20051001        Continuing... there are still bugs, probably interrupt-
2286                    related.
2287    20051002        More work on the Footbridge (interrupt stuff).
2288    20051003        Various minor updates. (Trying to find the bug(s).)
2289    20051004        Continuing on the ARM stuff.
2290    20051005        More ARM-related fixes.
2291    20051007        FINALLY! Found and fixed 2 ARM bugs: 1 memory related, and the
2292                    other was because of an error in the ARM manual (load multiple
2293                    with the S-bit set should _NOT_ load usermode registers, as the
2294                    manual says, but it should load saved registers, which may or
2295                    may not happen to be usermode registers).
2296                    NetBSD/cats and OpenBSD/cats seem to install fine now :-)
2297                    except for a minor bug at the end of the OpenBSD/cats install.
2298                    Updating the documentation, preparing for the next release.
2299    20051008        Continuing with release testing and cleanup.

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