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1  $Id: BUGS,v 1.41 2006/02/18 13:15:20 debug Exp $  KNOWN BUGS IN RELEASE 0.4.0
2    ---------------------------
4  If you experience a CRASH, then please run gdb on the core dump, do a back  Because the MIPS emulation mode has been completely rewritten, and I
5  trace, and send it to me.  haven't had much time to debug it, there are some known (serious) bugs:
7  Some of the known bugs are:          o)  Performance for non-R3000 MIPS emulation is very poor.
9    x)  Floating point coprocessor stuff is buggy. Writing a new (portable)          o)  Although the new MIPS emulation system is stable enough to
10        framework for fp emulation is in the TODO.              let many guest operating systems install, it is not stable
11                enough to let the emulator be compiled inside itself (in a
12    x)  Linux/DECstation (Debian) oopses extremely often unless -U is used at              guest OS) after an install, in all emulation modes.
13        run-time. I'm not sure yet why it bugs out. With -U, the risk is lower,  
14        but not completely gone. _Maybe_ this is a bug in Linux. Why? Because the          o)  Ultrix 4.5 on R3000 in the emulator has problems with keyboard
15        oops message contains things like ANSI escape codes and characters in              interrupts; Ultrix 4.2 works fine, though, and Ultrix 4.5 when
16        registers (including the pc and return address register); this looks like              run with -C R4400.
17        a buffer overflow in the serial driver. (Another thing that gives weight  
18        to this theory is that the serial driver in Linux is still being  These problems will hopefully be corrected in future releases.
       developed.)  But this is just a guess.  
   x)  Binary-translated 64-bit stuff checks to see if the top 32 bits are  
       all zeroes or all ones, and then uses 32-bit tables and such. This  
       is a bug. It should check the top 33 bits, not 32. (Alpha only, already  
       fixed for i386?)  
   x)  NetBSD/arc 2.0 uses the ASC controller in a way which GXemul cannot yet  
       handle. (NetBSD 1.6.2 works ok.) (Possibly a problem in NetBSD itself,  
       http://mail-index.netbsd.org/source-changes/2005/11/06/0024.html suggests  

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