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Diff of /upstream/dynamips-0.2.7-RC2/mips64_nojit_trans.h

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upstream/dynamips-0.2.7-RC1/mips64_nojit_trans.h revision 7 by dpavlin, Sat Oct 6 16:23:47 2007 UTC upstream/dynamips-0.2.7-RC2/mips64_nojit_trans.h revision 8 by dpavlin, Sat Oct 6 16:24:54 2007 UTC
# Line 27  void mips64_jit_tcb_push_epilog(mips64_j Line 27  void mips64_jit_tcb_push_epilog(mips64_j
27  /* Execute JIT code */  /* Execute JIT code */
28  void mips64_jit_tcb_exec(cpu_mips_t *cpu,mips64_jit_tcb_t *block);  void mips64_jit_tcb_exec(cpu_mips_t *cpu,mips64_jit_tcb_t *block);
 /* Set the Pointer Counter (PC) register */  
 void mips64_set_pc(mips64_jit_tcb_t *b,m_uint64_t new_pc);  
 /* Set the Return Address (RA) register */  
 void mips64_set_ra(mips64_jit_tcb_t *b,m_uint64_t ret_pc);  
 /* Virtual Breakpoint */  
 void mips64_emit_breakpoint(mips64_jit_tcb_t *b);  
 /* Emit unhandled instruction code */  
 void mips64_emit_invalid_delay_slot(mips64_jit_tcb_t *b);  
  * Increment count register and trigger the timer IRQ if value in compare  
  * register is the same.  
 void mips64_inc_cp0_count_reg(mips64_jit_tcb_t *b);  
 /* Increment the number of executed instructions (performance debugging) */  
 void mips64_inc_perf_counter(mips64_jit_tcb_t *b);  
30  #endif  #endif

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