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# Line 13  This is frequently asked questions about Line 13  This is frequently asked questions about
13          /icons/ URL if you have Apache) or symbol font (available          /icons/ URL if you have Apache) or symbol font (available
14          only under windows I'm afraid).          only under windows I'm afraid).
16    3. I'm having problems using docman with php3
18            php3 isn't supported (intentionally). You should really upgrade
19            to php4. If you can't for some reason, contact me and I will
20            see if I can write work-around for php3.
22    4. I'm having problems with files bigger than 2/8 Mb
24            php has two limits on uploading files configured in php.ini
25            upload_max_filesize is set to 2Mb by default, you should
26            increase it. post_max_size is set to 8Mb by default and
27            should be also increased for large files.
29    5. I'm having problems using docman with php-4.1.x
31            version 1.8 is tested on php-4.1.0. But, since there where a lot
32            of changes in php-4.1.1, it might not work.
34    6. I can't login back as same user after logout/relogin
36            it's a design decision to overcome some of problems with http
37            authorization. You will have to login as DIFFERENT user to
38            continue working.
40    7. Upgrade to version 1.8 broke dates in changelog
42            that's known bug. Upgrade to latest (probably CVS) version.
44    8. Upgrade to php 4.2.0 or higher broke my docman version 1.8 or lower
46            php 4.2.0 no longer register external variables (from the
47            environment, the HTTP request, cookies or the web server)
48            as global variables. docman until version 1.9 depended on
49            this. You could try to add following like in php.ini:
50            register_globals = On
52    9. Can I move file in directory structure along with changelog?
54            Yes, you can using rename. Just type complete destination path
55            before filename.

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