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revision 1.7 by dpavlin, Sun May 18 02:08:04 2003 UTC revision 1.8 by dpavlin, Sun May 18 11:54:28 2003 UTC
# Line 107  foreach my $key (keys %html_file) { Line 107  foreach my $key (keys %html_file) {
107          }          }
108          Info("Dumping HTML for $key to $filename.");          Info("Dumping HTML for $key to $filename.");
109          open(OUT,"> $filename") || die "can't open output html '$filename': $!";          open(OUT,"> $filename") || die "can't open output html '$filename': $!";
110          print OUT "<html><head><title>$key</title></head><body>";          print OUT '<html><head><title>'.$key.'</title>
111                    <meta content="no-cache" http-equiv="Pragma">
112                    <meta content="300" http-equiv="Refresh">
113                    </head><body>';
114          print OUT $html_file{$key};          print OUT $html_file{$key};
115          print OUT "</body></html>";          print OUT "</body></html>";
116          close(OUT);          close(OUT);

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