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1 <p align="center"><b>PLIVA's healthcare and medical portals, <a href="http://www.plivazdravlje.hr">www.PLIVAzdravlje.hr</a>
2 and <a href="http://www.plivamed.net">www.PLIVAmed.net</a>, receive another
3 confirmation of quality</b></p>
4 <p align="left"><i>Zagreb, 18 March 2002</i></p>
5 <p>The "Health on the Net" Foundation (HON) awarded PLIVA's portals with HON Code
6 of Conduct for healthcare and medical web sites. This Foundation is currently
7 the most significant independent institution addressing the quality, reliability
8 and credibility of healthcare information.</p>
9 <p>The Code of Conduct reward places PLIVAmed.net and PLIVAzdravlje.hr among the
10 world's most respected healthcare and medical portals such as WebMD.com, DrKoop.com
11 or CBShealthwatch.</p>
12 <p>In only half a year on the web, PLIVAzdravlje.hr and PLIVAmed.net have become
13 leading Croatian (and not only Croatian) specialized portals.</p>
14 <p>Since its launch in September 2001, <a href="http://www.plivazdravlje.hr">www.PLIVAzdravlje.hr</a>
15 was visited by over 1,500,000 visitors and has received (and answered) over
16 two thousand inquiries related to healthcare issues. The quality of PLIVAzdravlje.hr
17 has been recognized not only by visitors, but also by many off- and on-line
18 magazines. It has become a main source of medical and healthcare news and articles
19 for most portals and web sites.</p>
20 <p> Being only six months on the web, <a href="http://www.plivamed.net">www.PLIVAmed.net</a>
21 has become the leading Croatian medical portal. Over two thousand physicians,
22 pharmacists and other healthcare professionals from Croatia and abroad have
23 become registered users. PLIVAmed.net has become the leading portal for medical
24 professionals who are increasingly seeking to publish their works on PLIVAmed.net.</p>
25 <p>PLIVAmed.net closely cooperates with most relevant medical institutions and
26 leading medical experts - Medical School University of Zagreb, Clinical Hospital
27 Centre, Croatian Medical Association, etc. Good cooperation has been established
28 with most respected Croatian scientific journals such as "Lijecnicki vjesnik",
29 "Farmaceutski glasnik", "Infektoloski glasnik", etc. PLIVA's portals have been
30 recognized as an important communication channel not only among medical professionals
31 but also among the general public.</p>
32 <p align="center">#########</p>
33 <p>For additional information, please contact:</p>
34 <p>Dubravko Merlic<br>
35 Corporate Communications<br>
36 Director<br>
37 Tel.: 385 1 / 6120 852<br>
38 Fax: 385 1 / 6160 358<br>
39 E-mail: <a href="mailto:Dubravko.Merlic@pliva.hr">Dubravko.Merlic@pliva.hr</a></p>
40 <p>Roberta Brusic<br>
41 Corporate Communications<br>
42 Public Relations Manager<br>
43 Tel.: 385 1 / 6160 434<br>
44 Fax: 385 1 / 6120 687<br>
45 Email: <a href="mailto:Roberta.Brusic@pliva.hr">Roberta.Brusic@pliva.hr</a></p>

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