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1 <div align="Center"><b>PLIVA and SAP sign new global licensing agreement
2 for mySAP.com E-business platform</b><br>
3 </div>
4 <i><br>
5 Zagreb, 28 February 2002<br>
6 <br>
7 </i>PLIVA, the leading pharmaceutical company in the CEE region focusing on global
8 markets and SAP, the largest business software provider in the world, signed on
9 28 February a licensing agreement for the fourth generation of SAP solutions,
10 the mySAP.com E-business platform. The agreement was signed at PLIVA's headquarters
11 by PLIVA's Chief Financial Officer Zeljko Peric and Director of SAP d.o.o., Davor
12 Jardas.<br>
13 <br>
14 With this agreement PLIVA is starting a new phase in the establishment of
15 a global business information system, making a significant step forward in
16 the further integration of its international operations, and advancing competitive
17 advantages on the global market. <br>
18 <br>
19 &quot;PLIVA is gaining the most up-to-date business and technological platform
20 for managing business processes across all its companies in Croatia and around
21 the world. Consolidating previous licensing agreements and user specifications
22 on a Group level, PLIVA has gained the status of an international SAP user and
23 the right to use new mySAP.com products from the field of Knowledge Management
24 and other advanced E-business solutions&quot; stated PLIVA's CFO, Zeljko Peric.<br>
25 <br>
26 <div align="Center">#########<br>
27 </div>
28 <br>
29 For additional information, please contact:<br>
30 <br>
31 Dubravko Merlic<br>
32 Corporate Communications<br>
33 Director<br>
34 Tel.: 385 1 / 6120 852<br>
35 Fax: 385 1 / 6160 358<br>
36 E-mail: <a href="mailto:Dubravko.Merlic@pliva.hr">Dubravko.Merlic@pliva.hr</a>
37 <br>
38 <br>
39 Roberta Brusic<br>
40 Corporate Communications<br>
41 Public Relations Manager<br>
42 Tel.: 385 1 / 6160 434<br>
43 Fax: 385 1 / 6120 687<br>
44 Email: <a href="mailto:Roberta.Brusic@pliva.hr">Roberta.Brusic@pliva.hr</a>

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