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1 <div align="Center"><b>Stories against mines<br>
2 </b></div>
3 <br>
4 "Every 22 minutes someone in the world is injured by mines. There are more
5 than 100 million mines lying in fields and roads in 87 countries, which is
6 almost one third of the World," wrote Mr. Damir Gorseta, Head of the Croatian
7 Mine Action Centre in his introduction to the book "Pricom protiv mina" ("Stories
8 against mines").<br>
9 Unfortunately, these figures are part of Croatia's reality. In Croatia, people
10 continue to be killed by mines, and over 100 children have already been victims.<br>
11 Prompted by these terrifying facts, authors of children's books, scientists
12 and mine experts, artists, organisers and sponsors of the project, among
13 them PLIVA, all joined together in an effort to teach children about the
14 dangers of mines, and published a beautiful book of stories written by famous
15 Croatian children writers.<br>
16 <br>
17 <div align="Center"><img src="/comm/Mine-knjiga.jpg" alt="" width="370" height="510">
18 <br>
19 </div>
20 <br>
21 The publication of the book has two purposes: the first one is prevention,
22 i.e., warning children about the danger of mines, and the second purpose
23 is to use the proceeds to help those children whose one or both parents were
24 killed by mines. &nbsp;<br>
25 At a ceremony held at the Europe House in Zagreb, PLIVA received a certificate
26 in acknowledgement of its contribution to this charitable action from Soroptimist
27 International, the worldwide organisation for women in management and professions.<br>

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