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2 <p>At the 6th Croatian Financial Forum held in the Intercontinental hotel between
3 15th and 17th May, the traditional best share prizes were awarded for the past
4 year. The prize-awarding committee of the experts in economy, representatives
5 of investment funds, brokers and journalists have again, this year for the fourth
6 time in a row, awarded to PLIVA the first prize in the category of the best
7 industrial share.</p>
8 <p>The award was formally presented by Mr. Hrvoje Vojkovic, president of the Croatian
9 Privatisation Fund. Thanking for the award, Mr. Zeljko Peric, member of PLIVA
10 Management Board, pointed out that PLIVA's strategy headed towards further implementation
11 of new and innovated products and western markets expansion, will in future
12 result in further increase of market capitalisation, i.e. PLIVA share liquidity.
13 Mr. Peric also expressed hopes that in the years to come PLIVA will face even
14 fiercer competition to win this prestigious award, as a sign of a true Croatian-market
15 development.</p>
16 <p>This year, Zagrebacka banka won the golden share in the category of bank shares.
17 The share of Plava laguna won the prize in the category of tourist shares. </p>

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