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1 dpavlin 1.1 <body>
2     <div align="Center"><b>PLIVA marks World Environment Day by organising a
3     public action to collect old medicines<br>
4     <br>
5     </b>
6     <div align="Left"><i>Zagreb, 5 June 2002</i><br>
7     </div>
8     <br>
9     </div>
10     <p>On Wednesday, 5 June, to mark World Environment Day, PLIVA is launching a public
11     action to collect old medicines that people have stored at home. PLIVA is organising
12     the action, which will last a month, in cooperation with the City Office for
13     Health and Social Welfare, and all citizens of Zagreb are invited to join the
14     action and finally throw away their old medicines in special containers that
15     PLIVA has provided for the action. The complete process of waste disposal, from
16     the collection to the final stage of thermic treatment, will be carried out
17     in accordance with the highest standards and regulations of pharmaceutical waste
18     management.</p>
19     <p align="center"><img src="/comm/WorldEnv2002box.jpg" width="300" height="425"></p>
20     <p align="left"><br>
21     In average, every Croatian citizen &quot;produces&quot; two tons of waste each
22     year, and only 60% of the population is included in organised waste disposal.
23     In terms of environmental protection, Croatia currently ranks 12th among all
24     the countries in the world, and our generation has a responsibility to maintain
25     such a high position for the future. The only way to provide sustainable growth
26     is for all parts of society to participate in protecting the environment, from
27     the state and manufacturers to consumers, i.e., each and every person. Every
28     contribution, no matter how small, brings us a step closer to a healthier and
29     better protected environment. <br>
30     <br>
31     PLIVA as a responsible manufacturer of medicines, implements a waste management
32     system to treat the waste from its production, in accordance with the Law on
33     Waste and the highest international standards. Although the disposal of medicines
34     that people store up at home is not the obligation of the manufacturer, by carrying
35     out this public action PLIVA wants to contribute to solving the issue of &quot;personal
36     storages&quot; of old medicines. As part of this action that reflects PLIVA's
37     care for its customers on the one hand, and the environment on the other, PLIVA
38     has placed containers for collecting old medicines in thirteen health centres
39     in Zagreb.<br>
40     <br>
41     </p>
42     <div align="Center">#########<br>
43     </div>
44     <br>
45     <br>
46     For additional information, please contact:<br>
47     <br>
48     Dubravko Merlic<br>
49     Corporate Communications<br>
50     Director<br>
51     Tel.: 385 1 / 6120 852<br>
52     Fax: 385 1 / 6160 358<br>
53     E-mail: <a href="mailto:Dubravko.Merlic@pliva.hr">Dubravko.Merlic@pliva.hr</a><br>
54     <br>
55     Roberta Brusic<br>
56     Corporate Communications<br>
57     Public Relations Manager<br>
58     Tel.: 385 1 / 6160 434<br>
59     Fax: 385 1 / 6120 687<br>
60     Email: <a href="mailto:Roberta.Brusic@pliva.hr">Roberta.Brusic@pliva.hr</a>
61     </body>

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