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1 <div align="Center"><b>PLIVA donates half a million kuna to help reconstruct
2 the maternity ward of the Vinogradska Hospital</b><br>
3 </div>
4 <p>
5 Following the large fire that broke out on the roof of the University Hospital
6 &#8220;Sestre milosrdnice&#8221; in Vinogradska Street in Zagreb where the children&#8217;s
7 and maternity wards are located, PLIVA has decided to donate an amount of
8 HRK 500,000 to help repair the building.</p>
9 <p>
10 The roof of the hospital burned down in the fire that caused great material
11 damage. The activities of two vital departments of the hospital have been
12 hindered which is why the reconstruction of the roof is crucial for the patients
13 in the children&#8217;s and maternity wards to receive the best possible care and
14 treatment.</p>
15 <p>
16 PLIVA&#8217;s CEO Zeljko Covic commented: &#8220;Fortunately, there were no victims,
17 which is the most important thing. The dedication of the hospital staff has
18 to be commended; thanks to them a larger tragedy was prevented. However,
19 the material damage is large, and PLIVA wanted to aid those who need help
20 the most. We hope that our donation will help the construction work be finished
21 more quickly and enable the staff to continue with their valuable work to
22 benefit their patients.&#8221;</p>

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