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1 <p align="center"><b>Waste water treatment at Savski Marof</b></p>
2 <p>ANAMET, a bio-treatment plant for industrial waste water, has been operating
3 since 1993 within PLIVA's production complex at Savski Marof.</p>
4 <p>This two-step anaerobic-aerobic bio-treatment plant is used for the loaded
5 waste water generated by yeast production. It is equally suitable for treating
6 pre-treated waste water from PLIVA's production at this site.</p>
7 <p>An approved laboratory for the testing and monitoring of water quality is also
8 part of ANAMET's functionality, and ANAMET will soon expand its scope, offering
9 environmental analyses to the entire company.</p>
10 <p><b>A Brief look at the Process</b></p>
11 <p>In the first step (anaerobic), organic matter from the incoming waste water
12 comes in contact with anaerobic microorganisms and undergoes biodegradation
13 into anaerobic bio-mass and biogas. The reduction in the COD and BOD5 loads
14 at this step is around 65-70%, i.e. approximately 90-95%.</p>
15 <p>During the second step (aerobic), oxygen brought in by air comes in contact
16 with aerobic organisms and degrades the remaining organic matter from waste
17 water, producing an aerobic bio-mass and carbon dioxide. The total final reduction
18 in the COD and BOD5 load is 75-80%, i. e. 95-99%. Generated biogas is continuously
19 incinerated by gas flame. The excess bio-mass from the plant is dehydrated in
20 the plant centrifuge and disposed of at Jakusevac, the municipal landfill.</p>
21 <p>Planned investments into the plant will ensure its continual technical-technological
22 upgrading in performance and safety, environmental protection in general, and
23 the protection of the work environment and work conditions.</p>

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