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1 <p align="center"><b>PLIVA launches two Internet medical portals</b></p>
2 <p align="left">Zagreb, 28 September 2001</p>
3 <p>PLIVA's two new health and medical web portals were launched on September 27th
4 by Dr. Boris Labar, Dean of the Zagreb Medical School, at a special launch ceremony
5 held at PLIVA's Gallery, attended by leading Croatian medical experts, representatives
6 from patients' associations, reporters, celebrities and PLIVA's management.</p>
7 <p align="center"><a href="http://www.plivazdravlje.hr"><img src="/comm/maliplivazdravlje.gif" width="125" height="40" border="0"></a>
8 <a href="http://www.plivamed.net"><img src="/comm/maliplivamed.gif" width="125" height="40" border="0"></a></p>
9 <p>The Internet portal <a href="http://www.plivazdravlje.hr/">PLIVAzdravlje.hr</a>
10 is a resource of useful information about health, common illnesses and conditions,
11 treatment options and prevention, written in a simple and understandable way.
12 Visitors of the site can interactively search databases of illnesses and symptoms,
13 specific medical conditions, pages dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, exercising
14 and nutrition issues. The information available on the portal has been prepared
15 by specialists from leading clinics in Croatia. The most interesting medical
16 news and other topics from everyday life concerning health will be featured
17 daily. Visitors at <a href="http://www.plivazdravlje.hr/">PLIVAzdravlje.hr</a>
18 can also browse through the register of drugs on the reimbursement list and
19 index of Croatian health institutions.</p>
20 <p>PLIVA's other Internet portal, <a href="http://www.plivamed.net/">PLIVAmed.net</a>
21 is intended for physicians, pharmacists, specialists and students in these fields
22 of expertise. The editorial board of the plivamed portal consists of eminent
23 professionals and specialists in particular fields of medicine, while independent
24 physicians and pharmacists participate in preparing the content.</p>
25 <p>Through the launch of <a href="http://www.plivazdravlje.hr/">PLIVAzdravlje.hr</a>
26 and <a href="http://www.plivamed.net/">PLIVAmed.net</a>, PLIVA reaffirms itself
27 as the leading pharmaceutical company in the region that recognizes the significance
28 and benefits of the Internet as a dynamic, interactive communication tool that
29 can be continuously updated with the latest objective medical information. "Launching
30 these portals is one way that PLIVA is fulfilling its intention to use the latest
31 technologies, including those in the area of communications, to contribute to
32 advancing the quality of life. From now on, everyone who is interested can get
33 information about medical issues, preserving health, treatment, prevention,
34 symptoms and many other topics related to a healthy lifestyle on PLIVA's medical
35 pages. As a company that has made a breakthrough on Western markets and is expanding
36 its operations globally, we see this as an opportunity to communicate even more
37 efficiently not only with our customers and experts in healthcare related fields,
38 but with the general public in the broadest sense", said PLIVA's CEO Zeljko
39 Covic.</p>
40 <p>Launching the new web portals is one of the central events marking PLIVA's
41 80th anniversary that is being celebrated in Croatia, the Czech Republic, Poland
42 and Germany under the slogan "PLIVA 80 years - Dedicated to health". PLIVA Founded
43 in 1921, PLIVA is today the leading pharmaceutical company in Central and Eastern
44 Europe, dedicated to achieving its vision to be a pharmaceutical company bringing
45 superior and innovative solutions to customer needs, which will enable its stable
46 growth and development in the future. More information about PLIVA is available
47 at <a href="http://www.pliva.hr">www.pliva.hr</a>.</p>
48 <p align="center">#########</p>
49 <p>For additional information, please contact:</p>
50 <p>Dubravko Merlic<br>
51 Corporate Communications<br>
52 Director<br>
53 Tel.: 01 / 6120 852<br>
54 Fax: 01 / 6160 358<br>
55 E-mail: <a href="mailto:Dubravko.Merlic@pliva.hr">Dubravko.Merlic@pliva.hr</a>
56 </p>

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