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1 <p align="center"><b>PLIVA finalises latest investment</b></p>
2 <p><i>Krakow, 13 February 2001<br>
3 </i>Prime Minister of Croatia Mr. Ivica Racan opened the new PLIVA Krakow headquarters
4 earlier today.</p>
5 <p>Prime Minister of Croatia Mr. Ivica Racan opened the new PLIVA Krakow headquarters
6 earlier today. The Prime Minister was joined at the opening ceremony by members
7 of the Croatian political and economic delegation visiting Poland, numerous
8 Polish officials, President of the Management Board of PLIVA Mr. Zeljko Covic
9 and President of PLIVA Krakow's Management Board Mr. Tomasz Jazwinski.</p>
10 <p>A delegation of the Croatian government and Croatian Chamber of Commerce are
11 in a two-day visit to Poland, accompanied by representatives of PLIVA and Podravka,
12 two Croatian companies with strong presence on the Polish market. During the
13 visit, the new headquarters of PLIVA Krakow was opened.</p>
14 <p>"As Poland is one of PLIVA's largest domestic markets, this event is very important
15 because it further strengthens our position on the Polish market, as well as
16 on Central and Eastern European markets which are strategically significant
17 for PLIVA. This investment worth USD 8.4 million is just one of a range of PLIVA's
18 investments in Krakow" said Mr. Zeljko Covic, President of the Management Board
19 of PLIVA.</p>
20 <p>In line with the development plan of PLIVA Krakow and the privatisation agreement
21 from 1997, PLIVA has carried out investments in the Injectables facility, Liquid
22 Forms facility, research and quality assurance laboratories, and the construction
23 of a high-reach warehouse for finished goods. In addition, PLIVA has invested
24 in upgrading IT infrastructure and has additionally equipped existing facilities.</p>
25 <p>PLIVA Krakow's new headquarters is a modern building situated in the centre
26 of the city. Its features and equipment will contribute to advancing business
27 operations, and will enable a swifter flow of business activities for business
28 partners, customers and employees.</p>
29 <p>The impressive seven-story building was designed by Perbo Projekt, while the
30 main contractor was MITEX S.A.. The building, with 5.880 m2 of usable space,
31 will accommodate 232 employees with access to the computer network.</p>

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