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1 <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
2 <html>
3 <head>
4 <title></title>
5 <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1">
6 </head>
7 <body>
8 <div align="Center"><b>State-of-the-art facility<br>
9 <br>
10 </b>
11 <div align="Left"><i>Zagreb, 12 December 2001</i><br>
12 <br>
13 <div align="Center">Croatian Prime Minister Ivica Racan opens PLIVA&#8217;s new
14 Oral Solid Dosage Forms facility<br>
15 </div>
16 </div>
17 <br>
18 </div>
19 With the press of a button, Croatian Prime Minister Ivica Racan launched
20 the automatically controlled vehicle, symbolically opening PLIVA&#8217;s new Oral
21 Solid Dosage Forms facility, one of the state-of-the-art facilities for the
22 production of oral solid drug forms in the world. Accompanying Prime Minister
23 Racan were Croatian Minister of Health Andro Vlahucic, representatives from
24 the Croatian Institute for Drug Control, the Croatian Institute for Health
25 Insurance (HZZO), Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry,
26 whose hosts from PLIVA were CEO of PLIVA Zeljko Covic, members of PLIVA&#8217;s
27 Management Board and the Oral Solid Dosage Forms Facility Project Director
28 Zeljko Brebric. <br>
29 <br>
30 The total investment amounted approximately to HRK 640 million, which ranks
31 PLIVA among the largest investors in Croatian economy, and the entire project,
32 from the project beginning to full operation, lasted about three years.<br>
33 <br>
34 The plant was constructed in line with the highest international standards
35 and is one of the most modern facilities in the world. Highly sophisticated
36 equipment and level of automatization will significantly shorten the manufacturing
37 process, enable the production of a range of various products and reduce
38 production costs. The facility will manufacture more than 900 tons, or approximately
39 2 billion tablets, coated tablets and capsules.<br>
40 <br>
41 The basic features of the new facility are automated transport of bulk substances,
42 intermediaries and finished products as well as closed production areas completely
43 aligned with the most demanding sanitary requirements, production conditions
44 and personnel safety requirements. Seventy specially trained employees will
45 be working in the new Oral Solid Dosage Forms facility. &nbsp;<br>
46 <br>
47 Part of the investment is the completely automated high-reach warehouse for
48 starting material and intermediaries; a &#8220;pilot&#8221; plant where new drugs from
49 PLIVA&#8217;s Development can be effectively reproduced in larger - semiindustrial
50 amounts, at the same time ensuring the equal level of quality, enabling them
51 to enter industrial manufacturing as such. In addition, the drug packaging
52 plant has been completely renovated, new modern analytical laboratories have
53 been built as well as a management and administration center and measurement
54 and calibration center. <br>
55 <br>
56 The construction of PLIVA&#8217;s new facility lasted three years. The technological
57 project was designed in cooperation with the Belgian consultant ELVECO, facility
58 design and installation were performed by the Croatian company &#8220;Termoinzenjering&#8221;
59 and construction was carried out by &#8220;Tehnika&#8221;. The general contractor for
60 interior work and technical infrastructure was the Austrian company VATECH
61 Elin EBG, whose most important subcontractors were the Croatian companies
62 Ekomont, Enel, Termovod, Siemens-Landis&amp;Staefa, Enikon, Tehnomobil, Tehnika
63 and others. During the design and construction, PLIVA placed special attention
64 on environmental protection issues. Production has no affects on the environment,
65 and all waste resulting from production is treated according to the highest
66 international environmental standards.<br>
67 <br>
68 Commenting on the significance of this facility for PLIVA&#8217;s operations in
69 the future, PLIVA&#8217;s CEO Zeljko Covic stressed: &#8220;Owing to the fact that it
70 meets the highest standards of Good Manufacturing Practice, the most important
71 feature of this new facility is that it will enable the production of finished
72 drug forms to be exported to the demanding West European and US markets.
73 With the construction of the new Oral Solid Dosage Forms facility, PLIVA
74 has met the demands of the market that requires a wide range of high quality
75 pharmaceutical products, with the highest standards of safety at work, environmental
76 protection and energy management. This fulfills PLIVA&#8217;s vision &#8211; to be a
77 pharmaceutical company bringing superior and innovative solutions to customer
78 needs, by competing in the global market.&#8221;<br>
79 </body>
80 </html>

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