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1 <div align="Center"><b>PLIVA launches Italian business<br>
2 <br>
3 </b>
4 <div align="Left"><i>Zagreb, 17 April 2002</i><br>
5 </div>
6 <br>
7 </div>
8 As announced, PLIVA started operations in Italy, one of the European generics markets with high potential. After acquisitions in the UK, Germany, Spain and Scandinavia, PLIVA has opted for organic growth in Italy. PLIVA had its first formal presentation to the Italian market at a press conference in Milan, in the famous Palazzo Visconti.<br>
9 <br>
10 PLIVA Pharma S.p.a, headquartered in Milan, was founded in October 2001, and in a very short time has managed to build an infrastructure with sales activities to cover the entire country. <br>
11 <br>
12 At this moment, PLIVA Pharma S.p.a. will launch about a dozen products on the Italian market, but it is expected to double the number of products by the end of the year. The planned portfolio includes a range of added value generics and pharmaceutical speciality products. <br>
13 <br>
14 The launch of business operations in Italy reconfirms PLIVA's strategy of expansion into EU markets.<br>
15 <br>
16 PLIVA aims to become a leading pan-European generics company, which will be achieved through a strong portfolio of generic drugs and expansion of its operations into major European markets. PLIVA's business operations in Italy are one more important step in achieving this goal. <br>
17 <br>
18 <div align="Center">#########<br>
19 <br>
20 <div align="Left">For additional information, please contact:<br>
21 <br>
22 Dubravko Merlic<br>
23 Corporate Communications<br>
24 Director<br>
25 Tel.: 385 1 / 6120 852<br>
26 Fax: 385 1 / 6160 358<br>
27 E-mail: <a href="mailto:Dubravko.Merlic@pliva.hr">Dubravko.Merlic@pliva.hr</a><br>
28 <br>
29 Roberta Brusic<br>
30 Corporate Communications<br>
31 Public Relations Manager<br>
32 Tel.: 385 1 / 6160 434<br>
33 Fax: 385 1 / 6120 687<br>
34 Email: <a href="mailto:Roberta.Brusic@pliva.hr">Roberta.Brusic@pliva.hr</a><br>
35 </div>
36 </div>

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