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1 <p align="center"><b>World Environment Day - PLIVA receives a valuable acknowledgement</b></p>
2 <p>Awards and acknowledgements for achievements in the field of environmental
3 protection in 2001 were presented on the occasion of the World Environment Day
4 on Saturday 2 June 2001 in Vodice.</p>
5 <p>The Croatian Ministry of Environmental Protection and Physical Planning founded
6 this award in 1993 to encourage companies and individuals to contribute to environmental
7 protection in all areas of life.</p>
8 <p>This year the Election Panel selected three projects in eight categories as
9 finalists for the award. The final decision about who was going to receive the
10 "Croatian Oscar" was made just before the presentation ceremony.</p>
11 <p>In the Industry and Energetics Award category, PLIVA had nominated its Energy
12 Management Program, which has in the last ten years significantly decreased
13 exploitation of energy sources and water and has reduced adverse effects on
14 the environment.</p>
15 <p> Although there was strong competition, PLIVA received a valuable acknowledgement
16 for its achievements in environmental protection, which was presented to Ms.
17 Vesna Kaupa, director of Environmental Protection in PLIVA's Quality Assurance,
18 by Deputy Minister Andelka Bedrica.</p>

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