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1 <div align="Center"><b>PLIVA - general sponsor of the 25th European Pharmaceutical
2 Students&#8217; Association Congress<br>
3 <br>
4 </b>
5 <div align="Left"><i>Zagreb, 29 March 2002</i><br>
6 </div>
7 </div>
8 <br>
9 PLIVA is the general sponsor of the 25th European Pharmaceutical Students&#8217;
10 Association (EPSA) Congress that will be held this year in Zagreb between
11 1-7 April, organised by the Croatian Pharmaceutical and Medical Biochemistry
12 Students&#8217; Association. The congress is being held under the auspices of Croatian
13 President Stjepan Mesic. <br>
14 <br>
15 More than 300 pharmacy students, professors and lecturers from Europe and
16 USA are expected to attend the event. EPSA was founded in 1978 with an aim
17 to promote the interests of European pharmacy students and to encourage and
18 expand their cooperation.<br>
19 <br>
20 The main topic of this year&#8217;s congress is &#8220;pharmacoeconomics&#8221;, a burning
21 issue concerning one of the largest challenges in healthcare today &#8211; how to
22 assure high quality of healthcare in regards to the ever increasing costs
23 and limited financial resources. This topic will be covered through various
24 expert lectures and workshops held by lecturers from Europe and USA.<br>
25 <br>
26 Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, Dr. Mladen Birus expressed
27 his satisfaction with the fact that the jubilee 25th congress was being held
28 in Zagreb the same year that the Faculty is celebrating its 120 years of existence.
29 &#8220;These exceptionally talented and gifted young people will lead Croatia into
30 Europe&#8221; said Dean Birus. On behalf of the Croatian Pharmaceutical Society,
31 Senior lecturer Maja Jaksevac-Miksa congratulated the students on being elected
32 to host this year&#8217;s congress despite fierce competition. <br>
33 <br>
34 On behalf of the general sponsor, Dr. Zelimir Vuksic, member of PLIVA&#8217;s
35 Management Board, placed particular emphasis on PLIVA&#8217;s competitiveness on
36 the European market through two denominators &#8211; innovation and people, the
37 two being mutually interconnected. &#8220;I am proud to be working in a company
38 that invests largely in scholarships for students of various professions.
39 Sponsoring such a congress is a logical step, since this is an opportunity
40 to further educate not only students, but also the pharmacists that have
41 already graduated who will be participating in the congress.&#8221;<br>
42 <br>
43 An exhibition dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the European Pharmaceutical
44 Students&#8217; Association will be organised in PLIVA&#8217;s Gallery on 5 April. The
45 exhibition will offer insight into the Association&#8217;s work from its beginnings,
46 and former EPSA members will give their view of the 25 years of existence
47 of this distinguished association, as will representatives of European pharmaceutical
48 organisations that cooperate with EPSA.<br>
49 <br>

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