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1 <p align="right">Zagreb, 19 March 2001</p>
2 <p align="center"><b>Duke graduates visit Central and Eastern Europe<br>
3 </b><b>PLIVA as an example</b></p>
4 <p>Twenty MBA graduates from Duke University, USA, visited PLIVA on Friday, 09
5 March 2001.</p>
6 <p>This is the first time that Croatia was studied as part of the curriculum of
7 The Fuqua School of Business. The visit to Croatia included meetings with representatives
8 from the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Economy as well as visits to leading
9 Croatian companies such as PLIVA.</p>
10 <p>International business and the CEE region are areas of interest for the graduates,
11 who will in autumn this year start working as managers in prominent global consulting
12 companies or investment banks covering the region. PLIVA was chosen as an example
13 of a company that successfully conducted its privatisation process and entered
14 the global financial market and as a leading company in CEE with large potential
15 not only in the region, but also in the demanding West European and US markets.</p>
16 <p>As the focus of their interest was PLIVA's research and strategy for future
17 growth, as well as globalisation and financing, the graduates met with Dr. Radan
18 Spaventi, Vice President of PLIVA's Management Board in charge of Research and
19 Development, and Ms. Erika Kaspar, Director of Investor Relations.</p>
20 <p>After visiting the construction site of the new Research Institute, one of
21 PLIVA's current capital investments, and attending a presentation held for them,
22 the graduates remained at PLIVA's headquarters in Zagreb for a while in pleasant
23 conversation with their hosts.</p>
24 <p>This visit is the latest in a range of regular visits to PLIVA by graduates
25 from business schools and students from Croatia and other parts of the world
26 which PLIVA organises, contributing in this way to training young professionals
27 and future scientists from all areas of expertise.</p>
28 <p align="center">###</p>
29 <p><i>For additional information, please contact:</i></p>
31 Dubravko Merlic<br>
32 Director<br>
33 Tel.: 385 1 6120 852<br>
34 Fax: 385 1 6160 358<br>
35 E-mail: <a href="mailto:dubravko.merlic@pliva.hr">Dubravko.Merlic@pliva.hr </a></p>

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