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1 <div align="Center"><b>Three letterings &#8211; three languages</b><br>
2 <br>
3 <div align="Left"><i>16 April 2002</i><br>
4 </div>
5 </div>
6 <br>
7 At a press conference held at the National and University Library in Zagreb
8 the exhibition &#8220;Three letterings&#8211; three languages&#8221; was announced. The exhibition
9 will be running at the Berlin State Library from 25 April to 8 June. <br>
10 <br>
11 The exhibition will show the most significant records of Croatian written
12 heritage and printed works. During the month and a half of the exhibition,
13 visitors will gain insight into the most significant facts about Croatian
14 written heritage from its beginnings to today. This is an extensive and long-prepared
15 project of the Croatian Ministry of Culture that will, according to its authors,
16 document the tradition of openness of Croatian culture towards the world
17 and its most important links with European cultural developments.<br>
18 <br>
19 <div align="Center"><img src="/comm/3sprache-logtp.jpg" alt="" width="320" height="320">
20 <br>
21 </div>
22 <br>
23 There will be 350 exhibited items &#8211; a large number of manuscripts, printed
24 books, facsimiles, reprints and castings of monuments in their original dimensions
25 (Baska and Valun Tablet). Using computers, visitors will be able to listen
26 to radio-dramas and see documentaries and plays about the most interesting
27 thematic segments of the exhibition. PLIVA is the main sponsor of this exquisite
28 presentation of Croatian cultural heritage, while media sponsors are RADIOkultur
29 and Radio Multikulti/SFB from Berlin and Croatian Radiotelevision.<br>
30 <br>
31 The Croatian Minister of Culture Dr. Antun Vujic will open the exhibition
32 in Berlin on 25 April, and a press conference will be held that same day
33 at the Berlin State Library.<br>

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