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1 <div align="Center"><b>PLIVA - the main sponsor of the Czech Film Week</b><br>
2 <br>
3 <div align="Left"><i>Zagreb, 22 April 2002</i><br>
4 </div>
5 </div>
6 <br>
7 PLIVA contributes to developing and strengthening the relations between the
8 Czech Republic and Croatia not only with economic and business activities,
9 but also by actively participating in the promotion of Czech culture in Croatia.<br>
10 <br>
11 That is why sponsoring the Czech Film Week, held for the sixth time now,
12 is a natural continuation of the cooperation of several years between PLIVA
13 and the Czech Embassy in organising this interesting cultural event.<br>
14 <br>
15 <div align="Center"><img src="/comm/Poster_CzechFilm.jpg" alt="" width="300" height="420">
16 <br>
17 </div>
18 <br>
19 Every time the Czech Film Week is held, the movie theatre Kinoteka is full
20 to the last seat, and the audience usually awards each film with a warm applause
21 at the end. According to film critics, there will be much to applaud this
22 week too. During the sixth Czech Film Week, from Monday April 22nd to Sunday
23 April 28th, movies directed by Vera Chytilova will be shown. Vera Chytilova,
24 one of the most innovative and radical representatives of the "golden era"
25 of Czech film, made movies that are characterised by her exceptional imagination,
26 excellent camera and unusual, often ironic and black humour. She likes to
27 experiment and focuses on women characters and their problems, shown mostly
28 from a feminist angle. Such an approach has earned her the title of the "first
29 and only Czech feminist filmmaker". However, what Vera Chytilova truly believes
30 in is not feminism but individualism, and she equally detests stupidity and
31 close-mindedness in men and women. Among the films that will be shown at
32 the Czech Film Week, we would like to single out her "Daisies", which is
33 considered to be a visionary masterpiece, and some even consider it the best
34 Czech film of all times.<br>
35 <br>
36 During the sixth Czech Film Week, eight Vera Chytilova movies will be shown:
37 "Inheritance or Fuckoffguysgoodbye", "Automat Svet", "Daisies", "Apple Game",
38 "Calamity", "Very Late Afternoon of a Faun", "Trap, Trap, Little Trap..."
39 and "Story from a Housing Estate".

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