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1 <html>
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7 <body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
8 <p><b>PLIVA's donation to the Zagreb Centre for Rehabilitation - Fairy-tale castle
9 delights children</b></p>
10 <p>Children from the Zagreb Centre for Rehabilitation located in Slobostina were
11 delighted by an unexpected gift from CEDEVITA d.o.o. at the beginning of February
12 - a rubber castle play-set for the children to play in. As well as the Centre
13 received a large donation of Cedevita instant drinks and candies.</p>
14 <p>"If children are the ones who deserve our greatest attention, then particular
15 focus should be given to children with special needs so that they never feel
16 isolated from society. We should always support efforts to include them in everyday
17 life" said Neno Jakus, Head of Product Management at CEDEVITA d.o.o., who presented
18 the donation to the Centre. Jakus stressed that this donation was part of CEDEVITA's
19 program of aid and support to various organizations and institutions. The donation
20 is not just a symbolic gift, but will give the children an innovative space
21 to play in and will contribute to an important aspect of their treatment – the
22 sensomotoric development of children with special needs. There are currently
23 a hundred children up to age ten at the Centre. The Zagreb Centre for Rehabilitation,
24 established in 1974, is an institution for the rehabilitation of children, adolescents
25 and adults with moderate and higher levels of mental retardation and is under
26 the authority of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare. Its purpose is to
27 help integrate people who are mentally challenged into the mainstream of society.
28 The Centre has four locations: Slobostina, Paunovac, Ilica and Orlovac, as well
29 as six workshops. The Zagreb Centre for Rehabilitation is one of the few institutions
30 where alternative civilian military service can be served. </p>
31 </body>
32 </html>

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