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2 <div align="center"><b>German Cartel Office approves acquisition of AWD.pharma
3 </b> </div>
4 <p>The German Cartel Office has approved the purchase of Dresden-based AWD.pharma
5 GmbH &amp; Co. KG by PLIVA. The pharmaceutical company AWD.pharma from Saxony
6 was acquired from Degussa AG, D&uuml;sseldorf for a cash consideration of EUR
7 50 million. The purchase agreement was signed in Basel on 14 June 2001.</p>
8 <p>With its laboratories AWD.pharma is one of the most significant pharmaceuticals
9 producers and research institutes in the new federal states, i.e., former East
10 Germany. It has 665 employees and in 2000 had revenues of EUR 115.8 million,
11 pre-tax profits of EUR 9 million, and net assets of EUR 40.5 million.</p>
12 <p>Mr. Urs Brauen has been appointed as General Manager of AWD.pharma. Mr. Brauen
13 is confident about AWD.pharma's further sales growth and stresses that AWD.pharma
14 will continue to strengthen its product portfolio for the cardiovascular and
15 central nervous systems and treatment of pain by expanding it with new preparations.
16 This will be achieved through licensing and innovated products.</p>
17 <p>&quot;Our objective is to reinforce AWD.pharma's position in the new federal
18 states. PLIVA's products, particularly PLIVA's anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics
19 and biotechnological products, are a good platform for our plans&quot;, stressed
20 Mr. Brauen.</p>

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