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1 <p align="center"><b>CEO of PLIVA opens new Development Center in AWD.pharma</b></p>
2 <p><i>Dresden, 2 October 2001</i></p>
3 <p>PLIVA's CEO Zeljko Covic opened the Pharmaceutical Development Center in AWD.pharma.
4 The Development Center is directly integrated with the production area, which
5 grants the interaction between development and manufacturing. At the new Development
6 Center, which was an investment worth approximately EUR 3 million, 26 employees
7 will work in laboratories and pilot facilities.</p>
8 <p>The new Development Center in Dresden fits into the development strategy of
9 PLIVA, a company with 65 years of successful research and development.</p>
10 <p>The opening ceremony led by top executives of the corporation from Zagreb was
11 an expression of the integration of AWD.pharma and the parent company.</p>
12 <p>"AWD.pharma, additionally strengthened by the Development Center, offers new
13 values to PLIVA's big family. This milestone will also contribute to our plans
14 to increase our presence on the demanding German pharmaceutical market. But
15 we will not stop there - our goal is the large European Union market. That is
16 why every advancement of AWD.pharma at the same time strengthens PLIVA and,
17 consequently, fosters the achievement of our objectives", stressed PLIVA's CEO
18 Zeljko Covic at the opening ceremony of the Development Center.</p>
19 <p> <b>PLIVA</b><br>
20 Founded in 1921, PLIVA is celebrating its 80th anniversary as the leading pharmaceutical
21 company in Central and Eastern Europe, dedicated to achieving its vision to
22 be a pharmaceutical company bringing superior and innovative solutions to customer
23 needs, by competing in the global market, which will enable its stable growth
24 and development in the future.<br>
25 AWD.pharma became a part of PLIVA in July 2001.<br>
26 AWD.pharma develops, manufactures, markets and distributes high quality generic
27 drugs under its own trademarks.</p>
28 <p>For additional information, please contact:<br>
29 Bernhard Sorms<br>
30 E-mail: <a href="mailto:Bernhard.Sorms@awd-pharma.com">Bernhard.Sorms@awd-pharma.com</a></p>

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