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1 dpavlin 1.1 <p align="center"><b>PLIVA ACQUIRES UK BASED DOMINION PHARMA LIMITED</b></p>
2     <p> PLIVA d.d. ("PLIVA") announced today that it has acquired Pharmascience UK
3     Limited, 100% owner of Dominion Pharma Limited ("Dominion"), for a total cash
4     consideration of GBP 3.4 million.</p>
5     <p> Dominion, who reported a turnover of GBP 4.3 million in 1999, markets a mix
6     of speciality branded products, together with a growing range of generics, for
7     both primary and secondary care. The speciality product range mainly comprises
8     products in the urological, ophthalmological and dermatological areas, and is
9     supported by a small hospital specialist sales team. The generic range is sold
10     directly to wholesalers and hospitals with some products being supplied to other
11     pharmaceutical companies for marketing under their own brand name. The company
12     seeks to grow through the development, licensing-in and acquisition of both
13     speciality and selected generic products. </p>
14     <p>The value of the company lies in its pipeline of new product agreements; the
15     ownership of certain licences through which it also carries out contract manufacturing
16     for third parties; the skilled management and staff with their knowledge and
17     expertise in both the UK and other Western European markets; as well as the
18     current range of branded niche products. The transaction will not, however,
19     involve the acquisition of any manufacturing assets. </p>
20     <p>Commenting on the acquisition, Zeljko Covic, President and Chief Executive
21     Officer of PLIVA, stated: "The acquisition of Dominion, which provides the benefits
22     of direct access to the important UK market as well as a team of experienced
23     staff, represents the first step in the implementation of PLIVA's strategy to
24     enter key identified markets in the West. We expect growth on UK market from
25     both Dominion products and PLIVA's generics in development. Currently, PLIVA
26     is considering further acquisitions and start-up operations both in the UK and
27     other Western markets. This transaction highlights our commitment to internationalising
28     our business and securing a firm financial and operational basis for PLIVA's
29     future, enabling PLIVA to continue to create and deliver additional shareholder
30     value.&quot;</p>
31     <p> For additional information please contact: </p>
32     <p>Erika Kaspar<br>
33     Investor Relations, Director<br>
34     Tel: 385 1 6120 755<br>
35     Fax: 385 1 6114 413<br>
36     E-mail: <a href="mailto:erika.kaspar@pliva.hr">Erika.Kaspar@pliva.hr</a></p>
37     <p> Marija Mandic<br>
38     Finance, Financial Analyst<br>
39     Tel: 385 1 6160 355<br>
40     Fax: 385 1 6120 634<br>
41 dpavlin 1.2 E-mail: <a href="mailto:marija.mandic@pliva.hr">Marija.Mandic@pliva.hr</a></p>

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