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1 <p align="center"><b>Engineer from PLIVA wins golden award for innovation </b></p>
2 <p>PLIVA's employee Srecko Brkic, a mechanical engineer in Technical Operations,
3 won the golden award at the 49th World Fair of Innovation, Research and New
4 Technologies EUREKA 2000, which took place in late November in Brussels. </p>
5 <p>Mr. Brkic is the author of a device with a rotational hose for mechanical treatment
6 of waters which collects pollution particles that are lighter than water, like
7 oil, mazout, kerosene, grease, oils, petrol or foams. PLIVA, a company dedicated
8 to advancing health, improving quality of life and protecting the environment,
9 had recognised the potential value of Mr. Brkic's innovation to environmental
10 protection and made it possible for the author to take part in EUREKA 2000.
11 </p>
12 <p>We believe that innovation depends on people, their expertise, dedication to
13 work, entrepreneurial spirit and teamwork. PLIVA supports the creativity in
14 every employee by sustaining a corporate culture of openness. PLIVA's Vision,
15 to be a pharmaceutical company bringing superior and innovative solutions to
16 customer needs, by competing in the global market, as well as PLIVA's corporate
17 values: innovation, quality, ethics and commitment, are a clear expression of
18 PLIVA's dedication to innovation. </p>

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