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1 <p align="center"><b>Simplified customs procedures for the company </b></p>
2 <p>Today PLIVA started implementing simplified customs procedures, granted to
3 the company as part of a pilot-project by the Customs Administration of the
4 Republic of Croatia. PLIVA was the first company in Croatia to gain this privileged
5 status. The first shipment of imported goods was cleared this way today at PLIVA's
6 site in Savski Marof, instead of at a customs office as was the procedure until
7 now. </p>
8 <p>PLIVA will gain numerous benefits from this project such as faster flow of
9 customs procedures at the border, direct transport from the border to the production
10 site, the possibility of removing customs labels on PLIVA's site and subsequently
11 file the declarations. As a result, PLIVA will optimize supplies, make better
12 use of transport capacities, reduce product delivery time and minimize costs.
13 </p>
14 <p>This summer, the Customs Administration of the Republic of Croatia included
15 PLIVA in this pilot-project based on its record as an exceptionally reliable
16 and trustworthy partner. During the pilot-project, selected companies will have
17 special status with simplified importation customs procedures. </p>
18 <p>The project brings Croatia closer to the latest European and global trends,
19 and confirms PLIVA's reputation as a reliable partner well on its way to achieve
20 its vision: to be a pharmaceutical company bringing superior and innovative
21 solutions to customer needs by competing on the global market. </p>

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