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1 <p align="center"><b>PLIVA's subsidiary NEVA d.o.o. obtains the ISO 14001 environmental
2 management system certification</b></p>
3 <p> PLIVA's subsidiary NEVA d.o.o. received the ISO 14001 environmental management
4 system certificate at a ceremony held on 15 November 2000 at PLIVA's headquarters
5 in Zagreb. In the presence of Mr. Roland Zuvanic, Deputy Minister of Environmental
6 Protection and Zoning, and Mr. Zeljko Covic, President of the Management Board
7 and CEO of PLIVA, Mr. Leonardo Omodeo-Zorini, representative of the Norwegian
8 certification company DNV presented the certificate to NEVA's director Ms. Sanja
9 Slunjski.</p>
10 <p> The environmental management system certification according to ISO 14001 standards
11 represents a great achievement for NEVA, and is a recognition of the commitment
12 of PLIVA, as NEVA's parent company, to environmental protection.</p>
13 <p> PLIVA has been carrying out its business operations for decades according
14 to the principles of good manufacturing practice, and complies with the most
15 demanding international control standards. NEVA had already received the ISO
16 9001 certification for quality management last year, and after obtaining the
17 ISO 14001 certification NEVA is the first company in Croatia with an integral
18 quality and environmental management system. </p>
19 <p>This is a step further toward establishing an integral environmental management
20 system in PLIVA, since PLIVA's experts had participated in the certification
21 process in NEVA as a pilot-project for PLIVA's implementation. </p>
22 <p>Environmental protection and social responsibility are closely connected with
23 top performance in PLIVA, because coupling these factors will enable sustainable
24 growth of the company and society as a whole. PLIVA, as the leading pharmaceutical
25 company in Central and Eastern Europe, is taking an active role in contributing
26 to this sustainable development.</p>

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