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1 <p align="center"><b>Encouragement to young scientists</b></p>
2 <p> This year's Organic Chemistry Award Vladimir Prelog was presented to Valerije
3 Vrcek, Ph.D., a young scientist from the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry
4 in Zagreb for his exceptional contribution to synthesis of nucleosides, understanding
5 of carbocationic rearrangements and NMR spectroscopy of organic molecules. </p>
6 <p>The Vladimir Prelog Organic Chemistry Award was established in 1996 as a means
7 of encouragement for young Croatian scientists in the field of organic chemistry.
8 It was founded by PLIVA and the Croatian Chemical Society to mark 90 years of
9 the birth of Vladimir Prelog, the renowned Croatian scientist and Nobel Prize
10 Winner. </p>
11 <p>At the ceremony that was held in Adria Klub in Zagreb the award was presented
12 to Dr. Vrcek by Mirjana Eckert-Maksic, Ph.D., president of the Croatian Chemical
13 Society and Radan Spaventi, M.D., vice-president of PLIVA's Management Board.
14 The award consisted of a diploma and cash prize equivalent to USD 1000.</p>
15 <p> "The fact that PLIVA supports scientific efforts, especially in the field
16 of organic chemistry, is no coincidence. It is exactly this type of scientific
17 and research orientation that has brought PLIVA its reputation in the pharmaceutical
18 industry world-wide" said Dr. Spaventi, vice-president of PLIVA's Management
19 Board.</p>

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