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1 <p align="center"><b>State and business delegation from Turkey visits PLIVA </b></p>
2 <p>A state and business delegation from Turkey was in an official visit to Zagreb
3 from 26 to 28 September 2000. The delegation was led by Minister of Health of
4 the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Osman Durmus.</p>
5 <p> On 26 September Minister Durmus and the state delegation visited PLIVA's headquarters
6 where they met with President of the Management Board and CEO Mr. Zeljko Covic,
7 Vice President of the Management Board and COO Mr. Dubravko Mak, and Director
8 of Pharmaceutical Operations Mr. Zelimir Vuksic. </p>
9 <p>They held a very pleasant meeting during which they discussed PLIVA's potential
10 and opportunities for co-operation on joint development of new products, co-promotion
11 on third markets and the possibilities of marketing PLIVA's products in Turkey.
12 Minister Durmus stated that he was very satisfied with the visit to PLIVA and
13 hoped the meeting with the Turkish business delegation the following day would
14 be equally successful. </p>
15 <p>Representatives from the Turkish pharmaceutical sector (manufacturers and wholesalers)
16 visited PLIVA's headquarters on 27 September. The two sides showed mutual interest
17 for the possibilities for future co-operation and held very constructive discussions.
18 </p>

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