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1 <p align="center"><b>PLIVA divests Lachema's non-core operations in Blansko</b></p>
2 <p>PLIVA d.d. ('PLIVA') announced today that it has signed an agreement with Synthon
3 s.r.o., subsidiary of the Dutch firm Synthon BV, regarding the sale of Lachema's
4 non-core operations in Blansko, Czech Republic.</p>
5 <p> The total value of the transaction is expected to amount to CZK 40 million,
6 or USD 1 m. With the sale of the Blansko operations, PLIVA will further reduce
7 its total workforce by 82 employees, bringing the total number of job reductions
8 at Lachema to 150 since the acquisition. The disposal will have a neutral impact
9 on PLIVA Group results, as PLIVA's consolidated statements already reflect the
10 fair value of the Blansko operations. At the time of Lachema's acquisition,
11 PLIVA made an assessment of the difference between the book and fair value of
12 the Blansko operations, consolidating this amount as goodwill. </p>
13 <p>Lachema, one of the leading Czech pharmaceutical companies, was acquired by
14 PLIVA in November 1999, in part for its strength in the development, manufacturing
15 and marketing of cytostatics. As part of the acquisition, PLIVA also inherited
16 Lachema's two non-core plants in Blansko and Neratovice, stating its intention
17 to divest them in the future. Blansko activities specialise in fine chemicals,
18 including their manufacture and preparation, as well as the production of diazographic
19 paper and related materials. In 1999, total respective sales amounted to about
20 CZK 70 m. </p>
21 <p>With the sale of the Blansko and yeast operations earlier this year, PLIVA
22 has started on its path of divesting non-core businesses. These actions highlight
23 PLIVA's commitment to its strategy of focusing on its core competencies. </p>
24 <p>For further information, please contact: </p>
25 <p>Erika Kaspar <br>
26 Vice President, Communications and Corporate Affairs <br>
27 Tel: 385 1 6120 755<br>
28 Fax: 385 1 6114 413<br>
29 E-mail: <a href="mailto:erika.kaspar@pliva.hr">Erika.Kaspar@pliva.hr</a></p>
30 <p> Marija Mandic <br>
31 Financial Analyst<br>
32 Tel: 385 1 6160 355<br>
33 Fax: 385 1 6120 634 <br>
34 E-mail: <a href="mailto:marija.mandic@pliva.hr">Marija.Mandic@pliva.hr </a></p>

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