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1 <p align="center"><b>PLIVA's Scientists - Heroes of Chemistry</b> </p>
2 <p>The "Heroes of Chemistry 2000"ceremony was held on 20 August 2000 in Washington
3 D.C., USA, organised by the American Chemical Society (ACS), a non-profit association
4 of American chemists and chemical engineers and the largest association of scientists
5 in the world. For the discovery of azithromycin, the first class of azalide
6 antibiotics, PLIVA scientists Dr. Slobodan Dokic and Gabrijela Kobrehel, M.Sc.,
7 were named heroes of chemistry, together with representatives from US-based
8 Pfizer which had also contributed to the success of Sumamed and Zithromax. On
9 behalf of the late Dr. Dokic, his widow Lidija and son, Dr. Darije Dokic, attended
10 the presentation ceremony.</p>
11 <p> The "Heroes of Chemistry 2000" award is one of numerous awards presented over
12 the years to PLIVA scientists for their long-term contribution to global science,
13 medicine and the improvement of quality of life. This latest recognition is
14 additional confirmation of the value and achievements of PLIVA's entire team
15 of researchers who worked on the discovery of azithromycin, which apart from
16 Dr. Slobodan Dokic and Gabrijela Kobrehel, M.Sc., also included Dr. Zrinka Tamburasev
17 and Gorjana Radobolja-Lazarevski, M.Sc.. </p>
18 <p>The discovery of azithromycin was the greatest event in PLIVA's history and
19 a milestone for the Croatian pharmaceuticals industry. As a result of consistent
20 efforts and dedication to research, in 1980 PLIVA scientists discovered and
21 patented a new original macrolide antibiotic called azithromycin. Because of
22 its exceptional therapeutic properties, azithromycin, sold by PLIVA under the
23 brand name Sumamed, revolutionised antibiotic treatment and became one of the
24 most successful drugs world-wide. Its success has put PLIVA among the few pharmaceutical
25 companies in the world that have developed their own drug and has listed Croatia
26 among only nine countries world-wide that have their own antibiotic substance.
27 </p>
28 <p>At the 220th national ACS meeting, which was dedicated to celebrating the innovators
29 from the field of chemistry who have contributed to improving the human condition
30 on a world-wide scale, six individuals and six teams of scientists were named
31 heroes of chemistry. The awarded scientists came from 10 pharmaceutical companies
32 from across the world, including giants such as BASF, Bristol-Myers, Squibb,
33 Novartis, Dow Chemicals, Procter & Gamble and Xerox. </p>
34 <p>"Selecting Dr. Slobodan Dokic and Gabrijela Kobrehel, M.Sc., as heroes of chemistry
35 is truly great recognition from the Association of American Chemists and Chemical
36 Engineers of their achievements and their dedicated scientific work and research
37 throughout the years together with PLIVA's team of scientists who participated
38 in this great discovery. I also believe it is a confirmation of how important
39 it is for PLIVA to further focus on research and new drug discovery. This will
40 lead to new PLIVA products that will, as it did with azithromycin, bring advancements
41 to drug treatment and contribute to global science," said Dr. Radan Spaventi,
42 PLIVA's Chief Scientific Officer. </p>

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