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1 <p align="center"><b>Chinese Minister of Health Visits PLIVA</b></p>
2 <p>A high-level delegation headed by Mr. Zhang Wenkang, Minister of Health of
3 The People's Republic of China, is visiting Croatia. The Mr. Wenkang's visit
4 has been organised by the Croatian Ministry of Health and the Chinese Embassy.
5 Mr. Wenkang and his associates will be received in Zagreb by. Croatian Deputy
6 Prime Minister Goran Granic, and they will also visit Dubrovnik and Split. The
7 Chinese delegation has already met Mrs. Ana Stavljevic Rukavina, the Croatian
8 Health Minister and on 18 May 2000, they were received by Mr. ÂŽeljko Covic,
9 President of PLIVA's Management Board, and his associates. Mr. Covic acquainted
10 the guests with PLIVA's business activities, last year's business results and
11 the plans for future development on PLIVA's target markets, China included.
12 He also presented PLIVA's R&D activities. The possibility of the further registration
13 of PLIVA products in China was also discussed.</p>
14 <p>The official part of the visit ended with a tour of the Azithromycin facility
15 in Savski Marof. Apart from the Minister of Health, other delegation members
16 includes Mrs. Liu Keling, Deputy Director of the Basic Hygiene and Motherhood
17 Department within the Chinese Ministry of Health; Mr. Li Jiahu, Director of
18 the Health Department of Guizhou Province; Mr. Ren Minghui, Secretary to the
19 Minister; Mr. Qui Yuangao from the Bilateral Relations Department; Mr. Ding
20 Jian Hua, Director of the Drug Registration Agency, and Mr. Wei Jinghua, First
21 Secretary of the Chinese Embassy to the Republic of Croatia. This visit was
22 described as a continuation of a fruitful co-operation. PLIVA's representative
23 office in The People's Republic of China has been successfully operating since
24 1993, and its product Sumamed (tablets and capsules) holds a good market position.
25 </p>

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