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1 <p align="center"><b>PLIVA ACQUIRES AN ADDITIONAL STAKE IN LACHEMA, A.S.</b></p>
2 <p>Zagreb, 27 April 2000 </p>
3 <p>PLIVA announced today that it has signed an agreement with an institutional
4 investor for the purchase of 26.08% of the total share capital of Lachema, the
5 Czech pharmaceutical company, for cash consideration of USD 4,945,308.49. Concurrently,
6 PLIVA signed an agreement providing PLIVA with a discretionary thirty three-day
7 option to acquire an additional 1.61% of the total share capital of Lachema
8 for additional cash consideration of USD 304,601.51. </p>
9 <p>The purchase will be carried out through PLIVA's Polish subsidiary, PLIVA Krakow.
10 As a result of the acquisition, PLIVA Krakow will hold more than 75% of the
11 total share capital of Lachema and, pursuant to the mandatory rules of the Czech
12 Companies Act, PLIVA Krakow will make a mandatory public offer to the rest of
13 Lachema's shareholders to acquire their shares. </p>
14 <p>This transaction follows the purchase of 66.67% of the total share capital
15 of Lachema announced on 12 November 1999 and completed on 2 December 1999, as
16 well as the subsequent mandatory public offer to Lachema's shareholders completed
17 on 23 February 2000, which resulted in the acquisition of a further 0.08% of
18 Lachema's share capital. </p>
19 <p>Lachema, with its registered office in Brno, is one of the Czech Republic's
20 leading pharmaceutical companies. It develops, manufactures and markets pharmaceuticals,
21 as well as diagnostic preparations and fine chemicals. In 1999, Lachema recorded
22 revenues of USD 30.5 million with net assets of USD 29.8 million. </p>
23 <p>Following this acquisition, and without giving effect to either PLIVA's share
24 purchase option or the results of the pending mandatory public offer, PLIVA
25 Krakow will hold 92.83% of the total share capital of Lachema at a total cost
26 of USD 31.5 million.</p>
27 <p> For additional information please contact: </p>
28 <p>Erika Kaspar<br>
29 Vice President, Communications and Corporate Affairs<br>
30 Tel: 385 1 6120 755<br>
31 Fax: 385 1 6114 413 <br>
32 E-mail: <a href="mailto:erika.kaspar@pliva.hr">Erika.Kaspar@pliva.hr</a></p>
33 <p> Marija Mandic <br>
34 Financial Analyst<br>
35 Tel: 385 1 6160 355<br>
36 Fax: 385 1 6120 634<br>
37 E-mail: <a href="mailto:marija.mandic@pliva.hr">Marija.Mandic@pliva.hr </a></p>

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