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1 <p align="center"><b>PLIVA's new drug forms and price changes on the new Reimbursement
2 list of the Croatian Institute for Health Insurance</b></p>
3 <p>Zagreb, 15 February 2000</p>
4 <p>The Croatian Institute for Health Insurance has announced its reimbursment
5 list as of 15 February 2000. This includes five new drug forms produced by PLIVA:
6 Sumamed injections (azithromycin), 5 mg Cilazil tablets (cilazapril), Diflucan
7 syrup (fluconazole), Kalorijska otopina LGX 24% and Kalorijska otopina LGX 40%
8 (calorie solutions). These newest additions to PLIVA's product portfolio are
9 expected to increase sales incrementally.</p>
10 <p>The prices of about ten PLIVA products have also been adjusted. Among the leading
11 products, Peptoran tablets (ranitidine) will now be available at a lower price,
12 and Tonocardin (doxazosin) at a higher price. These price adjustments are expected
13 to have a net effect of HRK -16 m. on PLIVA's revenue this year. </p>

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