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2 <p>The award presented each year by the Croatian Chemical Society for achievements
3 in the field of physical chemistry was presented to Predrag Novak, Ph.D., who
4 works in PLIVA’s Research Institute, at a ceremony held at the Rudjer Boskovic
5 Institute on Tuesday, October 19th. Mr. Novak was awarded “for his contribution
6 to the understanding of isotopic effect mechanisms in nuclear magnetic resonance
7 spectres (he studied nuclear screening, spin-spin relations and the relaxation
8 periods of ¶-electronic molecules)”.</p>
9 <p>Predrag Novak, Ph.D., was born in Varazdin in 1966. In 1990, he graduated from
10 the Zagreb Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, majoring in chemistry.
11 He received his master’s degree in 1993 and his doctoral degree in 1995 from
12 the same University. After working at the Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Mr. Novak
13 started working at PLIVA’s Research Institute, where he is currently Head of
14 the Spectroscopic Laboratory. He is a distinguished member of a group of young
15 scientists who are working on the development of new drugs by applying modern
16 theoretical and experimental methods in their research. He is the author and
17 co-author of 18 eminent scientific papers published in international peer-reviewed
18 journals.</p>
19 <p>This valuable award presented by the Croatian Chemical Society for achievements
20 in the field of physical chemistry is awarded to exceptionally successful researchers
21 up to 35 years of age. The sponsor of the award is Egon Matijevic, Ph.D., a
22 prominent professor at the Clarkson University (Potsdam NY, SAD). Winners of
23 this award in previous years were Damir Kralj, Ph.D., Suzana Zalac, Ph.D., Srecko
24 Valic, Ph.D., Mladen Vinkovic, Ph.D., and Sanja Sekusak, Ph.D.. </p>

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