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1 <p align="center"><b>PLIVA Krakow Zakladi Farmaceutyczne S.A, a subsidiary of
2 PLIVA d. d. Zagreb, applied for price approval for the product Virlix® 10mg*20tab.
3 (cetirizine)</b></p>
4 <p>PLIVA Krakow has applied for price approval of the drug Virlix® 10mg*20tab.
5 (cetirizine) which will replace the product Zyrtec® 10mg*20tab. (cetirizine)
6 in PLIVA Krakow’s product portfolio.</p>
7 <p>Both drugs are licensed products of UCB, and while UCB will take over the sales
8 of Zyrtec® 10mg*20tab., PLIVA Krakow will market cetirizine under the trademark</p>
9 <p>Virlix® 10mg*20tab. Virlix® 10mg*20tab. has already been registered, listed
10 on the reimbursement list and is expected to be launched soon on the Polish
11 market.</p>
12 <p>In addition to cetirizine, PLIVA and UCB have earlier signed collaboration
13 agreements for the products Mistabron® amp. 600 mg (mesna, a respiratory drug)
14 and Nootropil® 400 mg (piracetam, nootropic). </p>

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