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1 <p align="center"><b>PLIVA and CROATIAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY present this year’s “Vladimir
2 Prelog Organic Chemistry Award” to Amir Avdagic, Ph.D.</b></p>
3 <p>The “Vladimir Prelog Organic Chemistry Award” was established in 1996 as a
4 means to encourage young Croatian scientists in the field of organic chemistry.
5 Its founders were PLIVA d.d. and the Croatian Chemical Society. The award consists
6 of a certificate and a cash prize of USD 1,000.</p>
7 <p>Members of the Award Committee: Vitomir Sunjic, Ph.D., Mladen Zinic, Ph.D.,
8 Miljenko Dumic, Ph.D., and Krunoslav Kovacevic, Ph.D., decided to present the
9 award this year to Amir Avdagic, Ph.D., “<i><b>for his outstanding contribution
10 to the development of chemical and enzymatic methods for the preparation of
11 enantiomeric pure compounds</b></i>”. Dr. Avdagic’s efforts, particularly those
12 published in the Swiss magazine Helv. Chim. Acta, represent a valuable contribution
13 to the “Prelog School of Chemistry” in Croatia, to which the distinguished Nobel
14 Prize Winner himself devoted much of his attention.</p>
15 <p>This award is dedicated to Vladimir Prelog, a renowned scientist and great
16 man, and supports young scientists in their work.</p>
17 <p align="center">PLIVA’s Vision:</p>
18 <p align="center">PLIVA’s vision is to be a pharmaceutical company bringing superior
19 and innovative solutions to customer needs by competing in the global market.</p>
20 <p align="left">For additional information contact:</p>
21 <p align="left">Dijana Kobas<br>
22 Head of Public Relations<br>
23 Phone: 385 1 61 20 852<br>
24 Fax: 385 1 61 60 358<br>
25 e-mail: <a href="mailto:dijana.kobas@pliva.hr">Dijana.Kobas@pliva.hr</a><br>
26 </p>
27 <p align="left"> PRESS RELEASE<br>
28 Zagreb, 14 October 1999 </p>

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