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1 <p><b>Zeljko Covic, M.Sc., President of the Management Board of PLIVA, has been
2 selected as the Europe, Middle East and Africa Award winner for the 1999 Emerging
3 Markets CEO of the Year Awards</b></p>
4 <p>The selection Committee for the 1999 Emerging Markets CEO of the Year Awards
5 has selected Zeljko Covic, President of PLIVA's Management Board, and PLIVA,
6 as the Europe, Middle East and Africa Award winner. This Award is presented
7 by Emerging Markets (a publication of Institutional Investor Newspapers) in
8 co-operation with ING Barings. Mr. Covic received the award on September 28th,
9 at the Awards Dinner in Washington DC, on the occasion of the joint annual meeting
10 of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.</p>
11 <p>The Emerging Markets CEO of the Year Awards were presented to four business
12 leaders in two categories. In one category, three awards were presented to the
13 chief executives of corporations based in the world's emerging economies whose
14 vision and company performance serve as models to other emerging market companies.
15 The three emerging market winners represent Asia, Europe, Middle East & Africa,
16 and Latin America. In the second category, one Award was presented to the chief
17 executive of a company with its headquarters in the developed world.</p>
18 <p>The other recipients of the award this year re: Robert Shapiro from Monsanto
19 (USA) in the Developed Market category, N.R. Narayana Murthy from Infosys Technologies
20 (India) in the Asia category, and Daniel Servitje Montull from Grupo Industrial
21 Bimbo (Mexico) in the Latin America category.</p>
22 <p>PLIVA is a leading company in Croatia and is the largest pharmaceutical company
23 in Central and Eastern Europe in pharmaceuticals business, and its current operations
24 consist of the research, development, manufacture, marketing and sales of pharmaceutical,
25 animal health and veterinary, food, and cosmetic products. PLIVA was the first
26 industrial company from the CEE region to be listed on the London Stock Exchange.</p>
27 <p align="center"><b>PLIVA’s Vision</b></p>
28 <p align="center">To be a pharmaceutical company creating superior and innovative
29 solutions to customer needs, by competing in the global market. </p>

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