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2 <p align="center"><b>Resolution 48/96</b></p>
3 <p>Ten percent of the population in Croatia are disabled persons and the number
4 of people with special needs is growing by 0.5% every year. The problems that
5 disabled people face on a daily basis, such as high curbstones, narrow doorways
6 or elevators, inaccessible sidewalks, restrooms, public transportation, parking,
7 etc., are just many of the concerns that disabled persons and their caregivers
8 are facing.</p>
9 <p> &quot;Resolution 48/96&quot; is a radio show that has been broadcasted for
10 four years on <a
11 href="http://www.radio101.hr/">Zagreb Radio 101</a>, and the name is the abbreviation
12 of the United Nations Standard Rules on the Equalization of Opportunities for
13 Persons with Disabilities. During the one-hour broadcast, the host, guests and
14 callers discuss the problems and needs of disabled persons as well as ways to
15 improve their quality of life.</p>
16 <p align="center"><img src="comm/logo_101.gif" width="75" height="75"></p>
17 <p>Although the show’s audience is not solely disabled persons, it is the only
18 radio program that deals with these issues and the disabled are the most interested
19 group. That is why, in addition to studio broadcasts, the show also features
20 live reports from various centres, institutions and homes for handicapped children
21 and youth. At the &quot;Slava Raskaj&quot; centre, hearing impaired students
22 can also participate in the program as it is simultaneously translated into
23 sign language.</p>
24 <p>As sponsor of this radio show, it is PLIVA’s hope to raise public awareness
25 by sending the message that disabled persons are not an isolated group of people
26 with specific needs, but are people with equal rights who are entitled to actively
27 participate in all segments of society.</p>

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