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2 <p align="center"><b>Christmas Concert</b></p>
3 <p>A Christmas concert performed by musicians from Poland was
4 held on 20 December 2000 at Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall. The concert was
5 organised by the Polish Embassy under the auspices of the Archbishop of Zagreb,
6 Monsignor Josip Bozanic. The famous Polish composer-singer Lucja Prus and pianist
7 Marcin Koziel performed Polish Christmas songs as well as other Christmas songs
8 well known around the world. Their performance showed once again that nothing
9 makes us feel the majesty of Christmas like its music. It reminds us about the
10 original meaning of the holiday as a celebration of love and peace in the hearts
11 of all people and across all nations.</p>
12 <p>PLIVA’s bond with Poland is not just the result of business and cultural cooperation,
13 but stems from a true feeling of closeness between two Central European nations.
14 This is the second Christmas concert performed by Polish musicians in Croatia
15 that PLIVA has sponsored.</p>
16 <p align="center"><img src="/comm/koncert2000.jpg" width="276" height="218"></p>

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