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2 <p align="center"><b>The Brave Telephone - children’s help-line</b></p>
3 <p>Abuse and neglect is a tragic traumatic experience for children
4 that has long-term adverse affects on their development. Children most commonly
5 respond to trauma with fear and anxiety. They suffer from sleeping disorders,
6 insomnia, loss of appetite, psychosomatic illnesses, depression, and they often
7 develop emotional disorders and demonstrate suicidal behaviour. That is why
8 prevention and on time intervention is crucial for the child to continue functioning
9 normally.</p>
10 <p>The brave telephone, a help-line for abused and neglected children, was launched
11 in October 1997 at the Psychotrauma Center of the Children’s Hospital in Zagreb.
12 The purpose of this project is to help abused and/or neglected children, their
13 parents and caregivers, raise public awareness about this issue and provide
14 therapy for children to help them overcome the trauma and prevent abusive behaviour
15 being passed down from generation to generation.</p>
16 <p align="center"><img src="/comm/Hrabri_Telefon.jpg" width="276" height="268"></p>
17 <p>By sponsoring the brave telephone, PLIVA also contributed
18 to a project called Intervention and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect in
19 2001.</p>
20 <p>In addition, PLIVA also gave a donation to the Fight Against
21 Child Abuse Week, a range of events organised by the brave telephone in cooperation
22 with the association <i>Potpora</i> (Support) in January this year at the ITD
23 Theatre in Zagreb. The official part of the event included lectures, workshops
24 and roundtables, while the less formal part of the program consisted of cultural
25 events, including plays, concerts, recitals and exhibitions of children’s works.</p>
26 <p>Past experience shows that every time the brave telephone
27 is presented to the public through such events, the number of calls increases
28 and more and more people are encouraged to seek help and contribute to the prevention
29 of child abuse.</p>

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