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2 <p align="center"><b>We Care about our Products</b></p>
3 <p>The pharmaceuticals producer PLIVA has broadened its activities to include
4 environmental protection with the start of a new pilot project:</p>
5 <p align="center">"Selective Collection and Disposal of Expired Drugs"</p>
6 <p>Many people do not pay attention to the expired medicines they keep in their
7 homes, perhaps because they may not be aware of the potential hazards these
8 expired drugs present not only to people, if taken accidentally, but also to
9 the environment if thrown out with everyday household trash.</p>
10 <p>This pilot project has been initiated by the Environmental Protection department
11 and involves the controlled collection and management of expired drugs. To accomplish
12 this, a number of selected pharmacies in Zagreb will be supplied with specially
13 designed waste containers (around 10 litres in size) in which customers can
14 dispose of their expired drugs.</p>
15 <p align="center"><img src="/comm/sanduciclijekovi.jpg" width="200" height="246"></p>
16 <p align="center">Waste container for expired drugs</p>
17 <p>The idea was proposed and designed by PLIVA's experts (from Environmental Protection,
18 Marketing of Pharmaceuticals, PR). The Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environment
19 and Physical Planning and ZGO d. o. o. welcomed the proposed initiative. Representatives
20 of the pharmacies were surveyed concerning the need for such a project and 81%
21 of them were in favor of the idea of organised waste collection.</p>
22 <p>This pilot project is just the first step in a plan to regularly supply all
23 pharmacies in Croatia with containers labeled "EXPIRED DRUGS". This should bring
24 benefits to:</p>
25 <ul>
26 <li>customers, who do not know how to dispose of expired drugs;</li>
27 <li>pharmacies, which are legally required to collect pharmaceutical waste,
28 and</li>
29 <li>PLIVA, which is oriented towards health and environmental protection.</li>
30 </ul>

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