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1 dpavlin 1.1 <p align="center"><img src="/comm/suncokret.jpg" width="276" height="203"></p>
2     <p><b>Children for a World without Violence, Racism, Drugs and War</b></p>
3     <p>Every year, the inspiring project called &quot;United Painting - Children Building
4     Europe&quot; brings together children aged 6 to 12 from various parts of Europe.
5     This year, the event also included children from Portuguese speaking countries
6     (PALOP). The aim of the project is to encourage friendship across borders and
7     enable children to experience various cultures.</p>
8     <p>The event which was hosted by Portugal this year took place from 28 September
9     to 01 October. Portugal’s children foundation &quot;Fundaçao da Crainça&quot;
10     provided accommodations for the participants, while various sponsors covered
11     travel expenses. Children from all around the world painted 1 x 3 metre canvases.
12     The topic was &quot;A World without Violence, Racism, Drugs and War&quot;. Canvases
13     from across the globe were then sent to Portugal where they were assembled and
14     exhibited in Lisbon and Tomar.</p>
15     <p>The participation of children from Croatia was made possible by the non-government,
16     non-profit organisation &quot;Suncokret&quot; (Sunflower) from Zagreb, a charity
17     dedicated to preventing and counselling deviant behaviour in primary school
18     children.</p>
19     <p>PLIVA
20     sponsored one of the children who visited Portugal and in that way expressed
21     its support for this noble cause and the efforts to enable children to grow
22     up freely, build up their own self confidence and learn useful lessons about
23     being active in their communities.</p>

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