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2 <p align="center"><b>Cappella Gedanensis from Gdansk Delights Audience in Zagreb</b></p>
3 <p>Cappella
4 Gedanensis held a Christmas concert on 16 December 1999 in the "Vatroslav Lisinski"
5 concert hall in Zagreb. The audience was delighted with the perfection of their
6 performance of folk Christmas carols.</p>
7 <p>Cappella
8 Gedanensis was founded in 1981, and most of the songs on their repertoire are
9 baroque compositions from Gdansk, something in which this ensemble excels. The
10 musicians and musicologists of the troupe prepared several songs which they
11 have also issued in a special publication, making them more accessible to the
12 broader public. In addition to Polish carols, the ensemble also performs baroque,
13 renaissance and classicist ones composed by Italian, German and French artists.</p>
14 <p>Cappella
15 Gedanensis has held concerts at numerous European music festivals in Germany,
16 Austria, Italy, Finland, and in the United States, China and Israel. Among the
17 most prominent members of their audience are royal families and heads of states,
18 and they particularly cherish the memory of performing for Pope John Paul II
19 - to whom they dedicated their CD of Polish Christmas carols.</p>
20 <p>The
21 carols that Cappella Gedanensis performed in Zagreb are a mixture of solemn
22 and amusing sounds, full of the joy and pleasure of folk dances such as the
23 mazurka, Polonaise and the like whose main features are charm and simplicity.</p>
24 <p>The concert held by Cappella Gedanensis from Gdansk was sponsored by the Archbishop
25 of Zagreb, Monsignor Josip Bozanic, and the organisers of the event were the
26 Polish Embassy and the Franciscan Cultural Centre from Gdansk. PLIVA d.d. sponsored
27 and helped organise the event as well.</p>
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