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revision 173 by dpavlin, Mon Aug 6 07:04:56 2007 UTC revision 174 by dpavlin, Mon Aug 6 18:17:12 2007 UTC
# Line 34  orao: all Line 34  orao: all
34  galaksija: all  galaksija: all
35          perl -Mblib -MGalaksija -le 'Galaksija->new->run;'          perl -Mblib -MGalaksija -le 'Galaksija->new->run;'
37    galeb: all
38            perl -Mblib -MGaleb -le 'Galeb->new->run;'
40  html: all  html: all
41          test -d html || mkdir html          test -d html || mkdir html
42          allpod2xhtml.pl \$(INST_LIB) html          allpod2xhtml.pl \$(INST_LIB) html

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